IU reveals her hobby is cooking

10 Sep

IU recently revealed her hobby of cooking and her shocking favorite dish to make.

During her appearance on ‘Quiz to Change the World‘, IU revealed her hobby of cooking first began because “show programs these days require stars to cook“.

When asked which dish she cooks the best, IU answered, “I make really good peach flat rice cake ddukbokki (spicy rice cake dish).” She explained, “When I usually make ddukbokki I add apples and onions to the spicy sauce, but one time I added peach because I didn’t have apples. The peach got sweeter as it cooked and made the dish really delicious.

During this episode, IU also displayed her popping dance skills and performed Park Ji Yoon‘s “Adult Ceremony“.

Check out IU’s cuts from the program below:



Source + image via Naver



[Video] Song Joong Ki is Nearly Unrecognizable As the ‘Wolf Boy’ in New Movie

10 Sep
Song Joong Ki has shed his softer image and undergone a (literal) beastly transformation. 

Since the recent release of the official trailer for Wolf Boy starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, the trailer has been garnering great interest and views online while heightening anticipation for the movie’s release. 

In a shocking transformation, Song Joong Ki as the ‘wolf boy’- a young man who is discovered living in the wild like an animal. After encountering Park Bo Young and her family, the wolf boy slowly adjusts to human society while Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young come to develop feelings for each other.

The movie will premiere this autumn in Korea. 

Until then, watch the trailer below:

Photo Credit: CJ E&M Entertainment

Profile of YG Mystery Girl Revealed

1 Sep

Profile of YG Mystery Girl Revealed

On April 10, through YG Entertainment’s blog, only a picture of a girl was uploaded. Afterwards, she was known as the “mystery girl” and was the most searched topic on various search engines. However, the profile of the “mystery girl,” who may be one of the members from the new girl group, has been finally revealed.

Through netizens’ search, information on the girl was found. The name of the “mystery girl” isJenny Kim, who was born in 1996. She is from the Netherlands. On April 13, a representative of YG Entertainment confirmed the information by saying, “The name and the age is correct. She went overseas when she was very young, so we didn’t think people would uncover her profile with just a picture…”

YG Entertainment added on to the information by stating that Jenny Kim is an intelligent girl, who is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese. CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, selected her from an audition because he fell in love with her excellent singing and dancing skills. She has been training as a trainee for several years.

However, when asked if Jenny Kim is one of the members in the new girl group, YG Entertainment’s representative answered, “Nothing is certain yet.” Even when they revealed the picture on the YG’s blog, nothing was said about her except the question, “Who’s that girl?” Not one word was said about who she is and what she is going to do in the future.

Even though nothing is being said, by looking at how YG Entertainment likes to surprise people, there is a high chance of Jenny Kim being a member of the new girl group. For example, when a new album is released by their singers or groups, they like to do surprise promotions. This may be another one of their surprises.

YG Entertainment already revealed two members of the new girl group on April 6. They showed the practice video featuring the two girls, Kim Eunbi and Euna Kim. A lot of attention was garnered because this will be the second girl group from YG after 2NE1. From the start of creating this new girl group, Yang Hyun Suk stated that he cared about the beauty of the members. When you look at Jenny Kim, for instance, she has a mysterious charm and beauty to her. She also looks like the actress, Shin Min Ah.

YG is planning to really advance BIGBANG and 2NE1 worldwide starting this year. It is also known that the trainees that are training right now are being told to aim towards the global market from the start. With Jenny Kim being fluent in three languages, there is no doubt that she is a member of the new girl group.

Seo In Guk picks INFINITE’s Hoya over A Pink’s Eunji?

31 Aug

Seo In Guk revealed that he wants his character in tvN sitcom ‘Reply 1997‘ to be with INFINITEmember Hoya‘s character, instead of A Pink‘s Eunji‘s character, much to the delight of many Yunjae and Junhee shippers.

On August 30th, he tweeted, “Yunjae (himself in the sitcom), what’s so good about Siwon? Yunjae is a dummy… For me, Yunjae Junhee… that’s all I’m going to say… Junhee. Heeng“.

Seo In Guk is referring to the recent turn of events that have folded out in ‘Reply 1997′, after his character, Yunjae, confesses to Eunji’s character, Siwon, who he has been crushing on for several years [spoiler article can be found here].

Seo In Guk spoke to his character on his Twitter, cutely choosing Junhee (Hoya) over Siwon (Eunji), as Junhee has also been harboring feelings for Yunjae.

Who do you think Yunjae should end up with?

Source: Seo In Guk’s Twitter

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Lee Jang Woo to perform on ‘Music Core’ with “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say”

31 Aug

Actor Lee Jang Woo will be standing on stage as a singer for this week’s ’Music Core‘.

Lee Jang Woo will be singing “Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say“, the song he sang for on-screen wife T-ara‘s Eunjung on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘. The song even placed 1st on real time charts after theemotional end to their on-screen marriage.

His agency, Made M Entertainment, stated, “‘Words I Couldn’t Bear To Say’ was popular on music charts, so we decided after much thought that the best way to give back to fans is to hold a live performance“.

Lee Jang Woo is currently hard at work preparing for his debut stage, so don’t forget to check it out on September 1st!

Source + Image: Star Today via Nate

‘Reply 1997′ releases still cuts of Hoya and Seo In Guk dressed up as doctors

31 Aug

Reply 1997‘ revealed still cuts of INFINITE‘s Hoya and Seo In Guk dressed up as doctors on set.

The cuts, revealed on August 31st, feature Hoya smiling brightly in character as a doctor, capturing the hearts of fans. Seo In Guk is also seen in one of the photos for he decided to try on Hoya’s gown for himself even though his character isn’t a doctor in the drama.

Hoya’s character, Junhee, is said to have done extremely well in high school and matriculated into Seoul National University, the top university in Korea. It was revealed that in 2012 in the drama, Junhee is now a successful surgeon, explaining the doctor gown.

The next episode of ‘Reply 1997′ will air on September 4th!

Source + Image: Boom, TV Daily via Naver

13,000 copies of B2ST’s new comic ‘The Beast’ sell out

31 Aug

Boy group B2ST‘s influence has been spreading even to book stores as their new comic book, ‘The Beast‘, has already sold out of its 13,000 released copies.

An insider stated, “We’ve started a secondary printing, as all of the copies from our first printing sold out. In the comic book field, 13,000 copies is a huge number. We were extremely surprised by the large number of copies sold“.

Another insider at Kyobo Books stated, “As of now, ‘The Beast’ is doing very well in terms of copies sold and readers’ responses. The response was even faster than the influence of other stars in videos or dramas. It could be because this is the first time we’ve had a Hallyu group star in a comic book series. We were worried at first, but that concern has completely disappeared. Online, the book has been receiving good reviews in comparison to other latest releases.

B2ST will be holding a fan signing event on September 3rd to celebrate the release of ‘The Beast’.

‘The Beast’ was the work of Jena and features all six members, who are given superpowers in the fantasy-action plot.

Source + Image: TV Daily

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