Psy Reveals the Truth Behind $10 Million USD Profits from ’Gangnam Style’

10 Sep

Psy Reveals the Truth Behind $10 Million USD Profits from ‘Gangnam Style’

Korean singer Psy who is at the center of the global spotlight in the music market revealed the truth behind the rumors about $10 million USD he earned from “Gangnam Style.”

On the MBC TV show “Section TV” that aired today featured Psy’s interview where he states, “Various media sources state that I have earned $10 million USD but in reality I haven’t received anything. The articles keep saying millions, millions, millions but I currently don’t have any of it.”


Also, regarding the rumors of Psy teaching Justin Bieber a new mixed drink, he stated “The news was delivered incorrectly. I taught the mixed drink to the representatives of Justin Bieber, not Justin Bieber himself.” Psy then continued by mentioning that he taught them a lot of Korean drinking games and “I plan to spread a lot of the alcohol culture of Korea to the United States in the future.”

Psy added, “I’m worried that all the Americans will think that Koreans all look like me” and brought laughter all around him.

Psy appeared on the stage at the “2012 MTV Video Music Awards” on September 7 and stated, “I am so excited and happy. I wanted to speak Korean on this stage. It rocks, right?” 



ps : YES PSY !! you rock the whole world !

what can you say about that ?


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