Leeteuk confesses he’s been hit a lot as a child

10 Sep

Super Junior member Leeteuk revealed a dark past of violence in his family.

The September 10th episode of MBC ‘Good Day’ reported on the hidden past of the stars. The leader of the first Korean group to hold an independent concert in ParisSuper Junior’s Leeteuk confessed about his troubled past.

Leeteuk had shared on a past television appearance, “He fought so much and he hit me so much. I was plagued with stress like that ever since I was in elementary school. I was scared of my father and I didn’t like him. So when I was a trainee I was used to wonder if I was doing the right thing but I also wanted to be successful quickly.” Leeteuk cried as he told his story and the usually cheerful leader was nowhere to be seen.

Even though he had to endure so much violence as a child, Leeteuk has become one of the biggest stars in Korea today. The viewers were moved by Leeteuk’s courage to share his story with the world and many netizens expressed sympathy and admiration for the singer after the show had aired.

Image: MBC ‘Good Day’
Source: Newsen via 



ps : oh no oppa !! T.T it’s ok !

look ! you surpass all the trials you’d been encountered !



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